The Enormous Cost Of “Free” Health Care

By May 31, 2017Healthcare

At first glance, many young Americans might find the idea of single-payer health care appealing – especially when compared to the enormously unpopular Obamacare. However, a closer look reveals that single-payer health care drives up costs, reduces choices, worsens care, and almost always ends up costing a LOT more than advocates claim. In turn, this leads to huge amounts of government debt and higher taxes, largely financed by Millennials – the young and the healthy.

In California, single-payer advocates are currently pushing a plan that analysts say would cost taxpayers a whopping $400 billion a yearwhich would likely require significant tax increases. Even California’s Governor, who previously ran on single-payer, isn’t on board and fears the plan would be bad for the state.

Many in California fear that the quality of health care will diminish significantly with a single-payer system. In single-payer Canada and Great Britain, there are thousands of patients waiting helplessly on lists for treatment, many of them are forced to wait for months before they can see a doctor. Here in the U.S., we have already witnessed the destructive efforts of a single payer system through Veterans Administration scandals that have subjected thousands of veterans to shocking mistreatment, mismanaged care, and even death. 

Single-payer might sound great, but Americans just can’t afford it. States like California that are considering imposing a government-run, one-size-fits-all single-payer health care system should understand that the best way to lower costs and create access to quality care is to reduce the government’s role in health care in order to allow for more doctors, hospitals, and other treatments that will generate more competition, more choices, and lower costs for patients.